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Book Mentoring

We offer a full mentoring service. This means you can use our services at any point on your writing journey.
  • You may be starting out, and might like to talk through your ideas and book plan or plot outline.
  • You may have a half-written manuscript that has been stuffed in a drawer or buried on a hard drive for months, or even years. We can help to rejuvenate the excitement that started you writing in the first place, and help you to complete your work. Accountability is very motivating, and we can act as your ‘coach’ to keep you writing.
  • You may have completed your manuscript and not know what to do next. We can help you throughout the editing stage until your manuscript is the best it can be.
  • We can even work with you to help with submissions, the all-important synopsis, and hold your hand throughout the publishing process.
Book mentoring is charged at a flat rate of £20 per hour. We will discuss your needs at an initial meeting, and can agree to a schedule of in-person meetings (depending on location – we are based in Newcastle upon Tyne), Skype or similar video chats. We will also work with you via email, critiquing your writing in a supportive and constructive manner, and making suggestions about ways to strengthen your work.